The Challenge to Wear Less Black (And Grey, And Beige)


A long time ago, I found that it was easier to pick a core color pallet and build my wardrobe around it.  I would say that I have very classic taste, and a pallet of black, grey, beige and white lends itself to the type of clothes that I am most drawn towards.  I am so predictable though, my family has made this something of a long-running joke.  I even have people at work who tend to make comments such as, "I can't believe you aren't wearing black today," when color ventures into my choices.

So one night after dinner, I made a bet with my family that I would wear an outfit at least once a week that contained color.  You are probably scratching your head and saying "how hard could that be?"  Believe me, for me that takes a lot of effort. And in my world, brown and navy blue count as "color."

This outfit was the first after the deal was struck.  Can you tell I'm kind of pouty about it?

There's the pink necklace again.

I think these shoes will be great for fall: a colorful high heeled loafer.

And yes, that is a hair elastic around my wrist.  I always have one there and always forget I do.

I'll keep you posted on how the challenge is going.

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  1. Love the pout; love the shoe and necklace...and the red color makes your skin and hair glow :)

  2. Thanks. I should listen to everyone and wear more red.

  3. This is a challenge I may have to try myself! My family always nags me for wearing too much black. It's just safe and classic and comfortable! But it's a good idea to break out of your comfort zone.

  4. Try it Danielle. I actually wore blue one day and brown and pink the very next. I feel liberated! (okay - not really...I feel like I'm inhabiting someone else's body. Tomorrow is a black day)

  5. Roll those khakis for a bit more sprezza!

  6. Send me a comment before I walk out the door to the office every morning to remind me not to be the same old boring. Deal?


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