Mish Mash


Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins
Tee: Target
Pants: H&M
Earrings: Bauble Bar
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

Have you ever had mish mash soup?  I love the stuff, and this post kind of feels like that: all the little bits and leftover pieces thrown together.  This outfit is kind of like that, too.  A while ago while flipping through the old closet, I realized that I don't have a lot of yellow in my life.  It's not one of my favorite colors, and my coloring really doesn't do well with it, but it's a cheerful summer color, and I thought I could slip some in as an accent color somewhere.  For some unknown reason now, I become obsessed with finding a yellow blazer, which is not an accent piece at all, but that's another story.  It's probably good that I couldn't find one and ended up settling for this light little cardigan, which was only $12, but then it arrived, and I've spent I don't know how long trying to figure out what to wear it with.  I was finally at the point of, "You have to wear this or get rid of it admitting that it was a mistake," when I decided to just throw it on top of whatever I was wearing this day no matter what.  Now initially I had on a DKNY sleeveless blouse, and I put a picture up on Instagram of what they looked like together.  I actually wore that to do the school drop-off, but I just felt like they were fighting each other, so I changed to the plain black tee.  I added these huge earrings, which I have to admit I did not know were so big when I placed the order.  I love big necklaces, big rings, and big bracelets, but I've never been a big earring person.  I quite like these because of the colors and they hit at just the right spot at the chin.  

I'm not sure why I threw on these shoes again.  I'll wear them a few times in a row and then forget about them for awhile usually discarding them after I've tripped over my feet and put a hole into the side of my leg from the spikes.  Hasn't happened so far this time around...yet.  I love when I find Coach bags at TJ Maxx, but for anyone else who has found one there, in my experience, the little tag that's usually attached to the handles by a chain is always missing.  Have you noticed the same thing if you've found one there?  

Thank goodness the shorter layers are finally growing out.  I couldn't take the choppiness for much longer.  I'm starting to feel like myself again.  The roots are pretty pronounced at this point, but I'm really loving the fact that they are long enough for me to feel the unprocessed texture of my hair.  It's so much softer than the crunchy hard stuff I have to work so hard to condition.  Even as I'm complaining about the short layers, I have to admit that another 2 - 3 inches of growth, and I'm thinking about getting a really short bob to be done with the color grow out.  Then I'll just have to grow out the length again, but I know that will be so painful for me who hates short hair on myself.  

Okay mish mash over.  Have a great long weekend if you are in the States but a great weekend no matter where you are.  Take care.

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