Dress: Ann Taylor
Blouse: via Macy's
Shoes: Chanel
Bag: Celine
Necklace: BaubleBar
Sunglasses: Ann Taylor (old)
Gloves: via Macy's

Just like hats, wearing gloves in Southern California makes people think you are crazy.  Okay, I can't read any one's mind, so I don't know that's what they are really thinking, but I imagine it is.  I have really poor circulation, like DVT bad circulation, so my hands and feet are always cold (the hub always appreciates it when I use him for a heating source when I get in bed every night), so socks and gloves are near and dear to my heart, but I always get that weird, raised eyebrow look when I go out with gloves on.

Totally changing the topic, I just got done trying Dove Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, and I'm starting to get a complex. I swear I dislike more things that I try than ever like, so when you give me giving a thumbs up on something, know that I'm a really tough grader.  The first thing that really bothered me about this was the scent. I'm so picky about scent because a lot of things that are too flowery give me a headache that even if something provides great results, I won't use it again if the scent bothers me.  And it's not just flowery because the Dove isn't flowery, but I can't really describe it except that it's an odd, artificial scent to me.  This one gets two strikes because not only did I not like the scent, I didn't like the results either.  It left my skin feeling really oily, and usually after I exfoliate with my still favorite, best thing ever Soap and Glory The Greatest Scrub of All, my skin feels soft and smooth.  When I used the Dove, it didn't feel like I had exfoliated at all.  I understand wanting to be gentle, but this was a little ridiculous. Why bother, right?  Hub loves Dove bar soap.  It's all he uses in the shower, and the scent is fine to me.  But now I've opened a bottle of Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, and I already have a headache.  If you love these scents, please tell me what they remind you of because I can't identify them at all.

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