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Since A is a dancer, finding makeup that will last all day on competition days through multiple performances and costume changes as well as lots of downtime to sit and wait and rub eyes, don't get me started...the joys of being a dance mom.  I was so excited recently to find out about BA Star eyeshadows, and I'm not just talking about for A.

BA Star markets their makeup for cheerleaders, so I knew that this stuff would see us through a performance day.  They were kind enough to send me this palette.

Of course, A's studio moved from browns to greys for this year's on-stage makeup, so we weren't able to use this palette at her last competition.  We played with it one day before going to Disneyland though.

She was originally leery of applying the glitter for daytime use, but we did a light sweep of the silvery gel glitter along her eyeliner, and we were happily surprised that the glitter was apparent but not overwhelming.  We would, of course, apply a much heavier application for stage makeup though.  The texture of the glitter gels is unlike anything we've tried before; the glitter didn't travel!  You cannot understand how big of a deal that is.  Usually by the end of the day, we are both covered in glitter as well as leaving it on everything and everyone we touch.  That didn't happen with the BA Star.

I decided to see if I could pull off wearing it, too.  Now I know what you are going to say about glitter, but I resisted the temptation to apply the glitter gel and only used the darker brown and beige shadows. Since I'm not 13, it's a little harder to see on me than A, but these shadows have amazing durability.  Where you apply them, they stay.  This is great for anyone who starts to have their makeup run halfway through the day, cheerleader, dancer, or mom.

Thanks to BA Star again for sending us this palette and for offering my readers a 50% discount.  If you'd like to try it out on yourself or your own cheerleader or dancer and take advantage of the discount, use code:

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