Mom, Where do You Work?


Until Feb. 15th, this was a question that was never asked.  I very clearly worked for the company I had worked for her entire life.  She had been to my various offices more times than she would count; when she was little, she would beg to go to work with me.  Recently, I couldn't drag her to my office.  She knew where it was, the name of my assistant, and she was familiar with this view.

Then mom went and threw a wrench in it by making this decision:

Suddenly I am substitute teaching (which she loves especially when it's for one of her classes in some bizarre twist), working from home as an editor, tutoring middle school students in China over the internet, and doing a lot more of this blogging thing.  My husband and I have a rather large office in a bonus room behind our house, but it's detached, has a cement floor, and no central heating or air.  We use space heaters during the winter and a window air conditioner during the summer.  The conditions weren't really ideal with me being home all day everyday, and I wanted an office inside the house proper. The only space available,'s in my closet. So, inspired by the IFB project, "Where do you Blog," this is now not just where I blog but where I work.

And it's in that half dressing table half office mode right now.  Now before you feel sorry for me and say, "Oh my gosh, her closet is the size of, well, a closet, and she's using it for an office," you should know that my closet actually used to be a bedroom, and this is just the built-in space.  I actually have this view to inspire me

This room is now homework central, and the perfect blog work area.  All my clothes, jewelry and products are within arms reach to plan my next posts.  It might be sensory overload though.  I have so many ideas now, I don't know how I'm going to get them all done and find time to finish organizing this dual work and play space.

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