Jacket and Dress via Stitchfix
Necklace: JewelMint

So many risky things about this outfit, where do I begin?  Okay, with the obvious: the white bag again. I have never been a big fan of white accessories.  I once upon a time had white leather boots with fringe.  In my defense, it was the 80s.  Ever since, I've cringed when looking at white bags, belts and shoes.  This year, it just seemed like something was lacking in the wardrobe, and I tried to find one, but not convinced that I would like it, I didn't want to make a huge investment.  Then the summer was gone (except in southern California where it is again in the 90s this week), and I felt like I had to have one or I would be a complete and utter failure.  I bought this ASOS bag still unconvinced, but the price was definitely right.  It arrived on a grey and rainy day, and I was so upset thinking my chance to use it was over.  I found a way to fit it into one of the Fall outfits I managed to squeak in before the weather turned again, and now I'm piecing together outfits with fall colors in light fabrics to at least pretend that we have seasons here.  The other risky moves?  I came to the realization this week that I probably shouldn't wear A-line dresses anymore.  They just aren't flattering on me with where I'm at with the figure.  I love the pattern on this one though which is saying volumes for me because I don't like patterns AT ALL.  To make the A-line less noticeable, I tried belting it here, but I actually like it with the short jacket much better.  Next time, I might try belting it and wearing a jacket.  I know, how much risk can one person take?  Look at me acting all crazy.

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