Dress: Carole Little
Cardigan: THML via Stitchfix
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

One of the things I'm really trying to work on for the rest of the summer is trying to relax.  I'm really bad at just sitting and doing nothing.  I can never just sit and watch tv or a movie at home.  I have to be reading a magazine, looking at my phone, thinking about what's for dinner and making a shopping list and doing work all at the same time.  I'm finding that really is complicating trying to clear my mind to go to sleep at night, so I'm going to learn to relax.  I made this vow at the same time that I kicked up my exercise program.  Hope they go hand and hand together well.  I'm still shopping my closet with great success.  This dress is ancient and was on the chopping block.  I knew I would never wear it without putting something over it, but I tried several things and nothing worked.  Just as I was about to put it in the donation bag, I remembered this THML I got in my first Stitchfix box a few months ago which I wrote about here.  Stitchfix has challenged me with some pieces that have been outside of my comfort zone which is exactly why I started getting my box, but more importantly we are working together with them getting to know my comfort zone and work in pieces I wouldn't pick for myself.  I have to admit I was a little skeptical that they would really be responding and adapting the things they send me based upon my feedback, but I know they are because when I opened my last box, I knew that everything in it was a piece I would pick for myself among other choices.  This sweater is a great example.  The colors and the cut fit perfectly into my wardrobe, but because of how this sweater looks on a hanger, I would have passed it by.  It's become central to my weekend wardrobe though because it's so versatile, and the fit is just not reflected until you try it on.  I've been wearing it primarily with jeans, but now I have a great little date night outfit, and I'm going to try it to the office next week too.

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