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I am the ultimate product junkie.  I have so many things floating around the bedroom, I had to devote some closet space to clear shoe boxes to attempt to reign it all in.  In my attempt to stay orderly when we moved into this house a year ago, I swore that if something new came into the house, it would find a living space out of sight immediately.  This is great in theory, but now I have a whole bunch of stuff sitting in boxes in a closet that I forget to use.  I've made it my mission to begin pulling things out of boxes, using them, and tossing them if they don't work.  The primary reason it will be easy to toss them?  I have more samples that I never use than is responsible to discuss.  I don't know about you, but I seem to gain samples just for breathing.  I buy something, they give me a sample.  I walk through the mall, someone hands me a sample.  And I get them for having a blog.  I try to use the ones that come directly to the blog first, but if I'm going to keep stockpiling these things, I need to make an effort.  First out the box was a sample of Nuxe Nuxuriance Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Cream.

 I have no idea where I got this.  I had never used or heard of Nuxe before, so before opening the sample I went on-line to find that this cream is intended to "replump and restore radiance."  Sounds great, so I was off and running.  My first reaction to the cream was that it felt greasy, and this only intensified as I applied it to my face.  I have dry skin at this stage of my life, and this cream just would not sink in.  It sat on top of my skin like an oil slick.  I decided to give it a few minutes before continuing on with my routine and went and got myself another cup of coffee.  When I rubbed my skin a few minutes later to see if it had sunk in, I got peeled skin on my hands.  Not pleased, I stopped rubbing before more layers came off and realized applying makeup was going to be a pretty tricky situation.  I guess the method for restoring radiance is to exfoliate layers which I normally think is amazing but is something I want to do before putting on my moisturizer.  I am a glutton for punishment, so I applied it again the next morning and had an almost identical experience.  Thankfully this was a small sample or I probably would have continued to put myself through the abuse for as long as it lasted.  I can't say that I would recommend Nuxe's products based on this one.  Sorry Nuxe but at $65 a jar, somebody must like this stuff.  If you think my skin looks good in these pictures, thanks, but they were taken several days after the Nuxe use.  I guess you could make an argument for it prepping the way, but I don't think so.  Note to self: I need to make sure I take pictures AS I'm trying something.

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