Happy Father's Day!


My mother has been telling me for years that I am the worst person in the world for whom to buy a gift.  She believes I have simply everything; therefore, there is nothing left to buy me.  If I do think of something that I absolutely need, I am more likely to immediately go online and buy it for myself than to tell someone I would like to have tangerine flats for Christmas this year (which came this week, and I wore today, so please don't buy me any, but thanks).  I now know exactly what she means because my husband is exactly the same way.  I came home one day, and he announced over dinner, "Oh, by the way, I began taking flying lessons today."  So much for a great potential gift.  Last year for Father's Day, I scored a coo and began having cigars sent to him every month.  He's happy with the variety, and the giant humidor which lives on his dresser is always well stocked.  As we approached the event this weekend, my anxiety began to grow.  How to live up to last year's success.  In a happy accident, I ran across the sight Bespoke Post.  I'm always curious when I see someone else using the term Bespoke, so I clicked over and discovered it to be a unique club type thing set up for men.  I live for these surprise package type services; they remind me of the grab bag presents when you are a kid and the majority of the excitement comes from the surprise.  They make every day things birthday and Christmas presents all rolled into one.  The box for May included luxury shaving items, so I thought they would be a great introductory month in preparation for Father's Day.  Now, we receive boxes on a daily basis in our household, and so my husband is used to setting things in the place for me to open when I get home.  Ironically, I was home the day the "Box of Awesomeness" arrived (literally that is what the packing box has on the outside.  In a fit of unusually prompt tidiness, the box was thrown away before these pictures were taken), so I got to set it aside for him for a change.  When the box was handed over, an awfully big grin was on the receiving end which made my choice worth it before it was even opened.  Everything was packaged inside of this wooden cigar box, making him think it was actually a box of cigars.  I almost lost him at that point because he wondered why I was having even more cigars delivered.  Then he opened it and realized it was just a masculine packaging device, and the grin was back.  What happened when he saw what was really inside?  He said, "I do need a shave right now," and off he went to try everything out.  The reviews are glowing.  He loves the products, and when he found out that he'll now be receiving a new box of something awesome every month, he's anxiously awaiting the next.  Bespoke Post does let you know in advance what is in the next box if you absolutely must know.  The hub has decided not to peek even though I keep looking.  You can skip a month at any time, and the boxes ship for free.  I think it's an excellent way to keep showing the man in your life how much you appreciate him month-after-month.

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