Get Your Sparkle On


I am usually the worst at holiday dressing.  No I don't mean the kind you put inside your turkey.  I mean the, "Oh it's time for holiday parties, and cocktails, and desserts.  Wear some fancy clothes."  Now I really like to dress up and go out, but super sparkly, holiday clothes are always a dilemma for me.  Since I spend the majority of my time working, the majority of my clothing budget goes to work clothes.  When I'm not working, I'm generally going out and about with the fam which also does not require a huge investment in sparkly clothes.  So when it comes time to go out for holiday parties, I'm always scratching my head and wondering if I should just cave and buy some party gear.  This year I decided to sort out some party outfits in advance.  They've come down to the "suitable for work but party friendly" and "full-on get dressed for a night out" modes.  This is the latter.  The dress is really comfortable although a little clingy around the mid-section.  I'm much more comfortable and better coordinated (believe it or not) in heels, but I decided on them because of the jewels.  Even with all the sequins on the bottom of the dress, the outfit was a little too black and needed something else to catch the eye.

Jacket: Jones New York; Dress, Shoes: No Name; Purse: Victoria's Secret; Earrings, Ring, Scarf: Unknown; Necklace, Bracelets: Silver from Mexico

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