Black and White Enforced


I've mentioned that a few weeks ago, the company which owns my soul hosted a black and white party which the husband and I had to attend.  It was a formal affair with a black and white theme.  Now knowing that the majority of my wardrobe consists of this color combination, you would have thought I could have just gone to my closet and pulled something out, but nothing dressy had the right balance of black and white.  Honestly, I don't own anything formal-party dressy in black and white.  Lots of solid black, some red, and even cream, but no black and white.  I do have a tuxedo jacket, so I went on the hunt for a white or black and white dress that I could wear with it.  The biggest issue was since I felt forced into going, I didn't want to spend a fortune on the dress.  Lucky for me, Ideeli came through with a great white brocade dress.  I spent the afternoon before the party at the Macy's in South Coast Plaza having my makeup done at Dior Beauty.  They did a great job (although my eyes are a little too glittery, I think), and I've already mentioned that the makeup artist gave me some amazing tips about my skin that made a difference within days and didn't take any new products.  Overall, we ended up having a really enjoyable time much to my surprise although I forgot to put on any jewelry.  How does that happen?

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