New Definition of A Turn-Around Trip


When our trip to Las Vegas was abruptly abbreviated, we only had time to have one meal.  The drive to Vegas had been brutal, so we were really tired when we arrived and decided to go sit in the bar of a restaurant to have a drink and a snack instead of sitting down for a full dinner.

We were staying at The Signature at the MGM Grand, so we made the walk into the MGM itself to sit down at Nob Hill Tavern.  The hotel was an amazing deal from Ideeli.  I took a few quick pictures from our balcony.

At the Nob Hill Tavern, we shared some Truffled Mac and Cheese, but we were so hungry, I didn't even stop to take a picture of it.

The real story of the evening was the drinks.  Since we sat down at the bar before they were really busy, we had a chance to chat with the head bartender, Michael.  I started the evening with a mixture of grapefruit juice, basil and rum.  I'm a big fan of the Watermelon King at The Taproom at the Langham in Pasadena which is watermelon, vodka and basil, so I had to try the basil drink at Nob Hill.  It was good, but not as good as the Watermelon King, so I decided to try something different.  Since I had started with rum, I wanted to stay with it, so I ordered a Dark and Stormy.

It was so delicious that ever since we've been home, I can't stop thinking of it.

Michael was so kind and let us taste their award-winning Nob Hill Cable Car which you can watch him make on YouTube here.  He also let us try an Italian beer made in a prison which we really liked, but we haven't been able to find anywhere.

For a quick trip, it was memorable.  Here's hoping to stay longer next time.

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