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I'm a little fickle about making fragrance purchases.  I prefer spicy over floral, so anytime I read the fragrance notes of a new scent, I'm willing to give it a try if spices are listed in the notes.  If the notes read heavily floral, I will pass on it every time especially if they are roses.  I always find that if a fragrance contains roses, it' an overwhelming scent.

A few years ago, I bought a bottle of Kors Michael Kors based upon the description of port wine, cognac, bergamot, clementine, pomegranate, jasmine, balsam, amber and roses.  Wait a minute. Roses...I must have missed that, but as soon as I put it on, it was, well, overwhelming.

I put the bottle away without giving it a second chance and forgot about it.  After we moved this year, I found the bottle and couldn't remember why I hadn't used it.

I wore it for a few days, and although the rose is definitely there, it faded almost immediately leaving a lighter, spicy scent that was perfect over the summer.  Now that the bottle is gone, imagine my dismay when I found out this scent is impossible to find anymore.

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