What's In My Bag


I carry way too much stuff in my bag which is why I usually am carrying a really big bag.  I've been using this small for me Coach bag lately, so this is all I can fit inside and get it zipped.

Yes, an iPhone and a Blackberry.

Makeup bag is still way too big.

And yes that's a crayon.  Hand sanitizer that's not too drying and two sets of keys.

Altoids, gum and Listerine

An extra lipgloss just in case.

And hounds tooth tissues - aren't they cute?

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  1. So that IS a big makeup bag, which doesn't bother me, but how do you get into it easily on the fly ...like when driving? ;)

    I carry a lot of stuff too. But it could be worse because I carry ginormous bags. So I think we're doing OK!

  2. I think that's why I have the extra lipgloss hanging out, so I can grab it while I'm driving. I keep another one in the center console of the car too.


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