Silly Me


I had just purchased a bunch of Betsey Johnson jewelry on Ideeli.  One of the pieces was a simple set of stretch bracelets embedded with hematite and green crystals all tied together with (say it with me) a black bow.  I got it for a really good price, and didn't have huge expectations for it.  When it arrived, I immediately fell in love and was so happy with it.  We were driving up to the mountains the next day, and I knew I would wear it.  It was cool up in the mountains, so I wore a jacket.  We weren't there very long.  We came back down the hill and decided to run by the Farmer's Market to pick up a few things before going home.  When I got out of the car, I took off my jacket and threw it inside.  We went our way and then went home.  About an hour later, I realized, No Bracelet!  I freaked out.  I must have taken it off.  But no.  I realized that it must have pulled off in the parking lot.  I raced back, but it was gone.  I mean, who could resist it.

So this is to my bracelet in memoriam.  I wear this old jade bracelet while thinking of you.

Remember when these were popular.  This one was for wisdom.  It obviously didn't make me any smarter about losing things.

I can't find a replacement for the bracelet I lost, but I'll keep looking.

I actually went back to the parking lot three times hoping I was just missing it.  My husband thinks I'm even crazier then he did before.

Shoes are Kate Spade

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