Rachel Zoe Fall 2011


Last week amid all the chaos that is my life, I dropped into Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills to see Rachel Zoe's Fall 2011 collection.  But because my life is full of craziness right now, I forgot my camera.  I took these pictures on my iPhone, so I full recommend going to NeimanMarcus.com to see the pieces without all the blur.

Zoe says the collection has no age limit, and I can see that for a lot of the pieces, but I do have to say that I felt the dresses would be far too short for me with the possible exception of this one-shouldered dress.

But I still think I wouldn't dare.

The maxi dress has a great pattern and flowed beautifully.

The bag the model is carrying above, the cape, the shawl-collar coat, and the sequined cardigan are my favorite pieces.

The ruffled leather jacket and the plaid suit were appealing, but the narrowness of the cut on these pieces especially in the trouser legs worries me about sizing.

Unlike other "celebrity" lines, Zoe seems truly invested and an active participant in the design of the collection.  She also seemed really nervous as she was presenting.  The prices are reasonable for high-end ready-to-wear and with a presence in retailers like Neiman Marcus and Saks, I'll probably end up with a few pieces myself.

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  1. But was Rachel adorable and did she seem kind and a little crazy??

  2. Rachel is adorable, and she is so tiny. She actually seemed much more real then I thought she would be. She was really nervous.


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