New for May


All beauty products this time. I honestly didn't do any clothes shopping in May - I know, I know, and I wasn't even sick or anything.

If you follow my Instagram, you've seen most of these when I started using them. A lot of them are things I received in past Oui Please boxes and never used.

 It's official. After years of saying I suffer from eczema and being told by doctors to treat it with topical hydrocortisone creams but never more than twice a day and only for a few days in a row, yada yada yada, my frustration over the fact that I had to be making it worse when I scratched it without thinking in between applications, I went to our new doctor here in Nevada and found out I have plaque psoriasis. Knowing there's really nothing I can do for it, but getting some new recommendations for how to make it more bearable has been a God-send. It would be great if this Skinhaptics Massage Oil also came with the massage, but the oil helps to keep the flaking down to a dull roar. Actually designed for use on babies, it's guaranteed gentle enough for my tough skin.

I know why I didn't immediately begin using Histoires de Parfums Tubéreuse 2. It's described as a feminine floral, and as much as I like rose-scented skincare, I don't like floral scents, finding them overwhelming and tending to bring on headaches. But as it's warmed up, I started looking for my drawers for a lighter scent to wear this summer. Reading the description of the perfume notes, it sounded like everything I would normally look for in a scent: topnotes of tuberose, tangerine and cherry so a little fruity but citrusy, heart note of jasmine, one of my favorite scents, and base notes of patchouli, blond woods and vanilla for that spicy touch I choose most often. Lesson learned here, don't pay too much attention to the descriptions on the package.

I do not get excited about toothpaste. It's just necessary. So when I find a toothpaste I really like, it's pretty monumental. The Lebon Cinnamon-Mint Toothpaste is a uniquely flavored combo with the coolness of mint and the spiciness of cinnamon. Neither is over-powering, and they surprisingly work well together.

I really just wear eyeshadow these days on my upper lash line, but I was tired of the same old browns, so popped this beautiful Sothys Reflect Nocturne Iridescent Eyeshadow open. Not going to lie, it is amazing, but I was intimated that it would leaven me with a glittery green eye. Applying it to the same thin line I always do produced this amazing liquid-y green, metallic but not metallic, iridescent but not like highlighter effect. I am utterly memorized by it.

I was woefully remiss in using our pool last summer. I've never been a pool person probably because I'm so fair-skinned and burn so easily. This last weekend I knew I wanted to spend some time outside before it gets too unbearable hot, so I used this Supergroup! City Sunscreen Serum. I had never tried (or frankly heard of) a sunscreen serum before. Expecting it to be clear like most serums, I was surprised that it pumps out a pink/peachy color. It has a standard sunscreen scent - no coconut smelling tropical beach vibe here. It was not heavy which is to be expected from a serum and quickly absorbed although it did seem a little sticky. It's labeled as SPF30, and it is not water resistant. I did get a little pink, but probably due to not strictly following the reapply every two hour guideline. Because of the stickiness, I'm not sure that I would wear this under makeup on a daily basis.

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