Pixi Soft Focus Fresh Palette Review


If you haven't taken a look at HauteLook for sales, and you are a bargain shopper, you should really take a look.  I've found HauteLook to be really great for sales on beauty products.  It's so rare to find a sale on makeup; you generally have to wait for the twice a year sale at Sephora or earn rewards from places like Ulta to receive a discount on products.  I also occasionally see things pop up at places like Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross.  But HauteLook has brands on sale every day.  Last July, I was able to pick up this huge palette from Pixi for only $9.  Now Pixi is not the most expensive brand out there, but in comparison shopping, I would have expected a palette like this to be about $30.

It's hard to judge in these pictures, but this palette is about the size of my head when it is closed.  It's really huge.  Since I had never tried Pixi before, and I had only paid $9, I admit that I didn't expect much from this.  I was so happily surprised.  The 16 eyeshadows in a nice mix of matte and shimmer are hugely pigmented, soft and creamy, and so easy to work with and blend.  I would say that the top three cheek colors in the center are more highlighters than blush, but they are beautiful and blowy.  The cheek color on the lower right is a really great shad for me to use for conturing and bronzing.  I've only used the first lip gloss, which looks pretty mangled in these photos, but it has a nice texture without being sticky.

The palette is no longer available or even shown on Pixi's website, but the Pixi Perfection Makeup Palette in Lit Up Lovely has some very similar colors.  I highly recommend picking something up to try the brand yourself, and I know I'll be definitely trying more of the line.

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