No More Beige!


The very last pictures before I had the ends of my hair color corrected! Can you say Amen to that?  But now I still have to go in for a cut to start working the damaged ends off, and I keep having this internal debate of who should cut  it.  The stylist who argued with me about going grey gives the best cut, but do I want to sit there and hear her go on and on about the color.  The stylist who helped me with the color isn't really great at a cut, but she could be better than the unknown.  The third option (because aren't there truly always three options whenever you have to make a decision?) is to try someone new.  What to do; what to do?

On a completely different topic, I am doing much better at living by the rules of color seasons.  I'm totally one of those do what I say not what I do people.  I know I'm a winter and, therefore, beige, unless it is a grey-beige, which is surprisingly hard to find, will not be flattering, but I want it to be.  I'm so drawn to it for some reason.  I think I've written about that here before.  I do have a substantial amount of beige in the closet though like this St John dress that I haven't gotten nearly enough wear out of.  I applied the tried and true "if you have to wear a color out of your season, just get it away from your face" for this outfit.  I could have probably done a better job and worn a black layer underneath, but at least I'm thinking about it now.

This clutch is a remnant of the color phase.  It's amazingly soft and buttery, and I never hear anyone talking about MZ Wallace, but they make some beautiful, high-quality pieces.  Just holding this bag is a pleasure because it is so soft.

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