Dance Mom


Blazer: Forever 21(Old but similar)
Tank: Jaloux via Stitchfix
Pants: Ann Taylor
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: DKNY (Old)
Hairspray: Pantene Anti-Humidity 

I am yet again a dance mom.  I guess I've been a dance mom since A was 4, but I am again a hard core, "my kid competes," dance mom.  It was out of the blue.  A had been asking to join a company again since she hasn't been on one for over two years, but I just couldn't see it fitting into our joint custody lifestyles.  When auditions came around this year during the summer, I hit on the compromise of letting her double the number of classes.  If that worked out, we could build up to company next year.  She agreed, especially when we talked about the first year of middle school being potentially a lot more homework.  Yet last Tuesday I got the call from the director of the dance school.  "We had a girl drop out of company, and we've already choreographed the routines.  Can A do it?"  Silly me, I had the phone on speaker as I was driving in the car and guess who was in the car with me?  We had to do some major schedule rearrangements, but we made it work out.

So Saturday was our first company meeting, and I wanted to be comfortable while preparing to meet the other moms.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that we wouldn't have one of the as portrayed on TV hardcore types.  I was happy to meet a roomful of nice moms one whose daughter was in the same company with A before.  We all appear to be of the "it's about the kids having fun and not the trophy" types.

Putting an outfit together for the day was more interesting because I'm in the weird stage of diet/exercise where I haven't lost any scale weight, but my clothes are fitting differently.  Has anyone else ever been in this stage and experienced clothes now being loose where they fit or were tight before, but now tight in areas where they fit before?  The hub says that things are just shifting, and I should stay positive.  Yeah, okay.  I will say that these Ann Taylor pants which I have lived in all summer are almost too loose to wear now, and I'm actually sad about that because I do wear them so often.  This blazer had been really tight, so I was anxious to see if I could get it buttoned and very happy when I could.  I actually like it better when I can layer long sleeves under it in cooler weather.  The shoes were on sale for a ridiculous price at ASOS, but I do have to say they run big.  This DKNY bag is ancient, but it's a great neutral color in a casual or office ready shape.  I'm not quite ready for all day competition days, but I have until February to prepare.  Wish me luck!

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