If my last few posts have seemed a little out of my ordinary, that's because there has been a lot more of this

going on around here lately instead of this

Blouse: Zero Maria Cornejo
Bag: Celine
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle
Necklace Carolyn Pollack c/o Monday Mingle on Momtrends

And what this

there has been, has been hampered by extremely high humidity that we just are not used to in Southern California.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know I've been moaning about it for at least a week now. I know poor me all you people in Miami and points south are saying.  But as is often said around here, we are used to a dry heat.  Normally I complain when people say that and say things like, "Heat is heat."  But this year, I would give it all back to get back to normal dry heat.  We've only been in the mid-90s a few days, but it's been miserable.  We've been to Disney's California Adventure three times in the last two weeks.  The joys of annual passes.  On this day, the hub and I went alone without any kids to take pictures.  It was really a pleasure to just walk around and not wait in any lines for rides.  I wore my Carolyn Pollack necklace that I was gifted for being a participant in Monday Mingle, but which unfortunately did not get any close ups, as well as my favorite Zero Maria Cornejo blouse which every time I wear, I feel like I should be wearing more often, but the way the front twists and wraps is a little off-putting and labor intensive.  I will pair both again soon as the stones in the necklace are really lovely and deserve some attention.

I'm so happy to be in out of the heat that I can't keep my mouth shut. I'm gulping in the cold air (and a Manhattan).  I actually forgot my mascara that day and only realized it when we were on the freeway.  Thank goodness for the Sephora there.  Best decision the folks at Disney made when building this park in my opinion?  The restaurants.  We very rarely eat inside of Disneyland anymore because the food quality and choices are much better inside California Adventure.  And the cocktails don't hurt either.  For those of you who have never been, Disneyland in California serves no alcohol in any of its restaurants except for the private club while California Adventure now has three bars and a private club.

Love this update on Mickey in one of the galleries.

We have one final short trip to Palm Springs coming up.  This was our year of local trips and stay-cations.  How are you spending your summer?

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