Dress: J Crew (similar sweater); Shirt: Vintage; Belt: Marni; Shoes: Sole Society; Sunglasses: Coach; Earrings & Bracelet: Unknown; Necklace: Juicy Couture; Ring: Gifted

Remember how when you were in high school everyone fit into a certain group?  I went to high school in the 80's, so there were the jocks, the cheerleaders, the stoners, the nerds, the drama geeks, the punks.  I never worried about what group I fit into; I played tennis, so I could be a jock; I got good grades, so I could be a nerd; I was in drama, so I could be a geek, but I like every other teenager often wondered what other people thought of me.  I"ll never forget sitting in English class one day, and one of the punk girls who I was working on a project with leaned over and said under her breath, "You know for a sosh, you're pretty cool."  I was floored.  Of all the classifications, I would never have thought of myself as a sosh.  At that time, I thought that was the coolest and best category to fall into, but I never would have dreamed that that's where others placed me.  In my school at least, to be a sosh meant you were social (duh sosh is short for social) and preppy; later that day, I realized that she could mean that she thought I was a stuck-up snob, but let's dwell on the positive aspects.  It was my dream come true to be recognized as preppy.  The Preppy Handbook was indeed my guide to life.  Everyone else on the tennis team hated our uniforms; I loved the fact that they were plaid.  All I wanted was a madras belt.  I lived for at least four years accumulating every color of polo shirt I could get my hands on.  I still feel most comfortable when I'm wearing something preppy; hence my addiction to anything Ralph Lauren.  It just feels like me.  I still like eclectic.  I'm still going to have my Donna Karan and Prada moments, but when I want to relax and just be me, I will always turn to my inner prep.

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