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This all started because I was feeling crafty last night.  I used to be really crafty when A was little.  She would watch cartoons, and I would craft, but now, I seem to have lost it somewhere.  So after another week of vacation, I felt the need to be crafty.  Except, I have no idea where the box of craft supplies ended up after the move.  The one casualty of our move last year was the dining room chandelier.  It actually survived the move and crashed to its death hanging in the garage while waiting to be hung in the dining room.  After the crash, someone placed the large crystal globe that looked a little like the one on the bottom of the chandeliers in the center photo on top of the refrigerator in the garage.  I, not knowing it was up there, briskly opened the frig door only to have it come down on my head.  Not fun.  So last night when I was feeling crafty, I was hoping that some of the crystals survived, and I could do something with them.  I started looking on Pinterest for ideas and found these which left me craving a new chandelier and all thoughts of crafting were gone.  I am motivated to clean and hang my little mini chandelier in my dressing room though.  That will have to do for now.

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