Sometimes I am a complete airhead.  Usually it's around my hub, and he long-sufferingly, gives a little laugh and shakes his head at the wonder of his wife who a Fortune 500 company has actually made a senior manager but who says such dumb stuff sometimes.  My parents used to say, "Book smarts," and I swear laugh at me a little.  I have good common sense; I just talk before I can use it sometimes.

Embarrassingly, I have been saying that the maker of this ring which I love and wear constantly is other than the true maker Sabine.  I am truly sorry and hate when I do that.  It was only after scrolling through prior purchases at Piperlime, that I got my act together.

Jacket: H&M; Tank: Target; Shirt: Unknown; Jeans: SaltWorks; Shoes: ShoeDazzle; Earrings: The Limited; Necklace: Joan Rivers; Bracelet: Unknown; Ring: SABINE; Eyeshadow: BareEscentuals Moonlit; Eyeliner: Benefit Mr Frosty; Masacara: Buxom

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