These are my diagnostic jeans: I try them on to determine if I need to lose weight.  When I tried them on in November, they were a little snug.  I juice fasted and made some adjustments, and everything seemed good.  Imagine my horror when I tried them on in January, and they  I lived for most of a decade on a low carb diet.  Once I got over the initial cravings, I was fine, and I found ways to make everything work into the lifestyle.  Going through a divorce, a new job, a new relationship, and moving influenced me changing that lifestyle.  Having to resort to a juice fast to lose a quick five pounds and then piling that and more back on over the holidays made me realize that I don't need a diet, I need to adjust my lifestyle again.  I can have fun and go out and still make better food decisions.  In a quick three weeks, I'm back in the jeans.  Do I have more to do? Certainly.  Let's just say that I was overly friendly with a bowl of tortilla chips during my sister's Super Bowl party.

Tank: Unknown; Blazer: Forever 21; Jeans: Salt Works; Shoes: Enzo Angiolini; Necklace: Forever 21; Earrings: Shoe Dazzle; Bracelets: Coach, Unknown; Sunglasses: D&G; Bag: Kate Spade; Ring: Jewel Mint; Eyeshadow: Prescriptives: Plum

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