Casual Day


After realizing that there are so many places around us that we always say we are going to visit but never get around to, we made a list to visit four in one day.  I had personally been to three of the four, but it was great fun to drive the kids around to see their reactions to parts of the neighborhood they had not explored yet.  We made it to the Pasadena Central Library, an old walking bridge in South Pasadena, the Cobb Estate and the Gamble House.  We were very lucky because just as we were leaving the Cobb Estate, the skies opened, and we would have been completely soaked.  We spent the evening in the warm, dry house with delicious cheese and steaks.  A perfect day.

Top: H&M; Trench: Forever21; Jeans: H&M; Shoes: FS/NY; Necklace: Unknown (Gifted); Bracelet: Vintage; Earrings: Unknown; Rings: Tiffany & Bespoke by Sister 

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