The Winter Home


We recently decided to become members of the Huntington Library, and a few weeks ago, the girls, the husband and I decided to go for the afternoon when we were having unseasonably warm November weather.  With the mild weather, this was actually our third visit in two weeks, but the property is so large, we visited a different section each time.  This time we focused on the Art Gallery which is housed in the Huntington's former residence on the property.  When you look at this huge mansion, it's unbelievable that a childless couple resided there on there own.  Huntington made his fortune primarily in railroads, and married his wife, Arabella (who was his aunt until his uncle died - ewwww), when he was 63 two years after the mansion was completed.  The gardens were originally over 600 acres, but are a mere (sarcasm) 120 acres today.

The fireplace in Huntington's office 

We have a print of this painting hanging over our fireplace.  Somehow it looks better in this sitting room. 

The dining room chandelier 


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