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We are extremely lucky to have basically no damage to our house and our power back on after a little under 48 hours.  People within a few miles of us have severe damage to their homes and/or cars and are still without electricity and in some cases water.  This was an extremely rare weather condition for Southern California, and we really weren't prepared for something like this.  Three days later, most of the streets still look like this.  People have taken it upon themselves to hire people to clear trees out of the streets since the city just can't be everywhere, and the people feel a sense of responsibility since most of the trees were on their property and not the city's anyway.

Our house was left with a tree with a scar to remind us of the storm.

This is a school two blocks from our house.  If you saw any storm coverage, you probably saw a flattened Shell gas station.  That gas station is on this street about four blocks down.

The majority of streets looked like this the first morning.

These red light cameras are out of commission.

Target lost their sign.

Most of the billboards on Colorado Blvd. looked like flags.

And most of the street signs looked like this.

This is our old backyard.  There used to be a fence there.

And this is our old front yard.

Although the tree missed his truck, he can't use it.

We saw too much of this.

And this.

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