The husband and I took advantage of a Sunday morning on our own to go to The Raymond for brunch.  We had actually been to the bar at The Raymond, 1886, the night before for a few drinks and appetizers, and decided to have brunch the next morning.  The Raymond is actually all that remains of the old Raymond Hotel which was built in 1886 (hence the name of the current bar), rebuilt in 1901 after a fire, and torn down in 1934.  The restaurant is housed in the caretaker's cottage, and although it's tiny, they are incredible food and drinks.  It's much too dark to take pictures in the bar at night, but my favorite drinks are the Pims Cups and the Dark and Stormy, and my favorite item on the bar menu is the pork belly.  For brunch, we both had The Raymond Scramble which is perfectly cooked scrambled eggs served on a slice of butter sourdough and topped with tomatoes, lemony hollandaise and crumbled bacon.  They also serve really great coffee which is usually the deciding factor in whether we will return somewhere for breakfast.

The original hotel via Wikipedia 

The rebuilt hotel via Wikipedia

 1886 is through the door on the left

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