I Succumb


To the one-shoulder phenomenon.  I thought I was going to let this trend go quietly, but then I found this cashmere sweater on sale for an amazing price at Neiman Marcus.  I actually didn't realize it was one-shouldered until I was walking away with it to gloat about my find to my husband.  I almost put it back when he pointed it out to me (okay, so he's the one that showed me it was one-shouldered; I was in shopping daze).  I think the thing that pushed me into it was seeing a woman my age wearing a black one-shouldered dress to the black and white event we went to a few weeks ago.  She looked very chic, so I thought, why not?

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  1. The levels that some people will lower themselves to never ceases to amaze me. Those that used to come here and make comments anonymously that were rude and thoughtless, what was the point other then to try and make your own pathetic self feel better? I would be willing to wager that those who were posting the less then flattering comments do not have a blog of their own. Why would I know this? Because you are a coward and not willing to put yourself out there for others to take cheap shots at. So crawl back under your little rock, among the other ugly little bugs, and let the rest of us get on with our lives without your drama.

    David, Gina's husband

  2. Oh my goodness, I have no idea what was said but you look so lovely! What is wrong with some people? It is a mystery! Don't you worry about them, just clean house as soon as they pop up and forget about it:)

    I just discovered your blog and love it! Karen


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