I Love Masques


I know it's October, but I don't mean the Halloween kind.

I mean the kind you get to put on while wearing a fluffy robe, and put your feet up and put cucumber slices over your eyes, and pretend that you are at the spa.

You mean you don't do that?

Well you should, and I recommend you do it with Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Cooling Masque especially if like me you get that one big blemish that just drives you crazy.

My initial reaction when I tried this one was that it really stinks.  The sulfur smell is definitely there, but as I continued to use it at least once a week, the scent of eucalyptus was more apparent than the sulfur.  I actually like to use this in the morning before work.  It provides a smooth base for my makeup, and keeps blemishes at bay without being too drying.

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