Lots of Flash (For Me)


I always worry that I am going to over-accessorize, and then I end up realizing hours later, that I really don't have that much on.

I started today wanting to wear my aquamarine ring.  Weird to start with a ring, but that's how I am sometimes.

It has a vaguely Indian vibe to me with the way it is set, but I don't really have anything in my closet that immediately came to mind as something to team it with.  I decided on this Free People bolero because of the intricate beading.

Then I added iced coffee because that goes with everything.

I threw on my Kate Spade necklace because the beading on the bolero has small yellow beads, and I thought this would make them stand out more.

And I'm still doing the red nail thing.  I will put anything on my toes, but for me to have a bold color on my nails is amazing.

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