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I am not a wedding person.  I don't read Martha Stewart Wedding.  I don't look at wedding cakes and go, "Ahhhhh."  I don't drive by wedding dress stores and crane my neck.  When I got married, I ordered my dress from Nordstrom online and didn't even go into the store to try any on.  But one thing I will look at any time is engagement rings.

Because this is a pastime, I've got it down to a science.  Show me your setting, and I can tell you when you got engaged/married with an accuracy of +/- 3 years (unless you've replaced your original ring like my sister).

Lately I've noticed a trend with more estate and antique settings.  I personally think this brings more sentiment to the ring as it's more unique and really a statement about the people involved.  You also aren't going to see anyone with something similar.

Some of my favorites from Excalibur Jewelry:

Old mine cut diamond from the 1900's

If you want a ring like the Duchess with some history but are on a budget, you can choose from an oval sapphire and diamonds from the 1910's

or one from the 1930"s

This is probably my favorite because of the Asscher cut diamond from the 1940's

And finally some gorgeous filigree in a platinum and diamond ring from the 1930's

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