Office Uniform


When my husband and I were dating, he asked me one day what I was going to wear to work.  I responded, "The Uniform."  I'm not in any branch of civil service, so he raised an eyebrow at me, and I realized I needed to explain.  A long time ago I realized that there was a simple equation to dressing for work.  It's like Garanimals when you were a kid.  You match the the giraffe top to the giraffe bottom.  No, wait, I'm kidding.

I have two forms of the Uniform.  My most common is a pair of slacks, a blouse or thin cashmere sweater and a blazer.  The other is a shift dress and blazer.  Since I've experienced a minor (cough, cough) weight gain lately (but I've lost 9 pounds.  A little more to go.), I've been choosing more forgiving dresses.

This is an older dress which I actually haven't worn very much, but I do love this tuxedo jacket from H & M.

Deep dark secret revealed - don't do my nails nearly enough.  It's shocking that I actually have polish on here.

Shoes are Louis Vuitton

And necklace is Kate Spade.

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  1. We've all got a uniform, don't we? I wrote about mine here:

    Love the shoes...they are amazing! And your nails are so lovely. I didn't do much with my nails, then really got into having them polished a couple years ago. Now they are always polished, for two reasons: 1. It helps prevent breaks, and 2. I don't feel "done" unless they're done. They're totally part of my look now. I do them every week myself.

  2. The shoes are incredibly elegant. A superb buy!

  3. V - Lovely to see you here. I love your uniform, and your Ann Taylor fall post - I'm still thinking about it.

  4. Anna - This is one of my only occasionally wear shoes - I want them to last and last, and I'm really hard on shoes.


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