Go With It


A few years ago, Clinique made this great product called Color Surge Lip Lacquer.  It was a super glossy lip gloss in a pot.  Obviously it wasn't so great to the majority because Clinique doesn't make it anymore.  A has pneumonia, so we cut our trip to Vegas (very) short, and I've been cleaning and organizing since we got back.  While going through my beauty stash, I found two brand new packages of Lip Lacquer and got so excited, I was practically jumping up and down.

New Rain is a super light, nude pink.

Cherry Spritzer is a bright berry.

They are great because they have good color and shine and don't cause those gross lip gloss strings when you press your lips together.  I also think that a gloss is more flattering at this age because lipstick tends to sit in the creases around my lips.  I've already made pretty significant dents in the pots, so I'm sure I'll go through them in the next two weeks, and then I'll just have to move on.

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