Arm Party!


Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly  is hosting an Arm Party Challenge.  What is an Arm Party you ask?  It's basically wearing a lot of bracelets together, but check out her post for more details.

I wear a bracelet almost every day, and I have some pretty wide bangles.  Sometimes I mix a bracelet with a watch when I'm feeling really wild and crazy, so this was pretty scary for me.

I decided to do this on the same day that I was testing out a black and brown outfit for fall.

I chose a Jewel Mint bracelet and the Shashi bracelet I've shown before here.

Then I added this old tennis bracelet my sister gave me years ago.

I was thinking maybe one more, I mean that would be two over my limit after all and had almost decided on a 3-strand pearl from Ann Taylor, when I went for this combo from Forever 21.

I was shutting the drawer when this Coach bracelet, another gift from my sister, caught my eye.  Why not do it big?

Once I got used to having that many on, I realized they weren't any thicker than a single large bangle, and my assistant actually thought I had purchased them this way as a set.

Thanks Kristina for another great challenge.

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  1. I love the gold and diamonte spiky looking bracelet! I wear way too many bracelets at once and have been known to have them halfway up my arm on many an occasion! But I wear entirely too many giant rings at once as well. Oddly necklaces don't do much for me!

  2. Funny Suzanne, I never liked big rings until lately. I just bought a huge Lucite one.


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