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Today's Size - Is going to be discontinued.  I stopped weighing myself a while ago and thought I would judge how I'm doing with my diet choices by how I fit into my clothes.  Since American clothing sizes vary so widely even within a brand, it is impossible to show variations.  I think I proved an entirely different point than what I set out to do with this exercise, but since saying something like, "my pants were tight today," and "my pants were loose today" is boring, I'm moving on.
Today's Deep Thought - (You actually appear to be enjoying these, so I will continue) The drive-thru post office box line is for driving through.  You don't park, lock your car and walk up.  It drives the rest of us crazy and totally defeats the purpose of quickly being able to drive through to mail letters.  Why do you not get it?  Thank God for online bill pay.

Lancome High Resolution Intensive Recovery Anti-Wrinkle Cream - I need all the help I can get

The necklace that you don't pay a lot for but everyone loves and comments on

This old, green Dooney and Bourke bucket bag.  I have no idea what year I bought it, but I love it

Another example of the hunt for the perfect black shoe

My baby girl who has already read over 2000 pages this summer

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