Joey, It's A Squirrel


We are not generally the type of people who buy clothes for our dog.  But...Joey does have a few outfits each of which comes with an explanation.

Joey loves to chase squirrels.  Well, actually he loves to pretend that he can chase squirrels.  We have a squirrel whom we have named Darth Squirrel who loves to sit in a tree in the backyard or on the fence and chatter at Joey while he sits in the family room and looks out the window.

Darth is Joey's nemesis.

The only problem is that Darth knows Joey can't get to him, but Joey doesn't realize this.  And most of the time, when we let Joey out the door after telling him, "Joey, it's a squirrel," he can't figure out where the squirrel he could see from inside the house is once he's outside the house.  He ends up running around the backyard looking up all the wrong trees while Darth laughs at him.

Because Joey seems challenged on the squirrel front, we decided to buy him this outfit to better acquaint him with the characteristics of squirrels in hopes he will be able to actually chase them.

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