More Jewelry Obsessions


Another type of jewelry that I just continue to buy more and more of is any necklace that has an element of black ribbon in it.  Here are a few of my pieces.

I've just been starting to look at pieces with cord or rope incorporated, but the silver heart on a thin, satin cord is a necklace I've had for years.

Kind of 80's Madonna...

I can't resist when I see a piece.

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  1. Gorgeous, I especially love the teal necklace. It's perfect for the summer to add a little something special to a neutral outfit. xoxo

  2. Great necklaces! I love the cross necklace I can imagine that it really brings a lot to an outfit.

    Follow back?
    Chandra <3

  3. Sewasis, thanks for the idea about wearing the teal with neutrals. I always wear it with black, but neutrals would set off the black pearls so much better.


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