The Pearl That Started it All


I picked this pearl out of an oyster when I was a little girl.  It was either at Sea World in San Diego or Ports of Call in San Pedro.  When the man working in the booth opened the oyster and saw this irregular grey pearl, he kept trying to convince me to pick another oyster because this one was so "ugly."  My parents were probably holding their breath waiting to see what I would do.  I had never seen a pearl that wasn't beige, so I thought this was the neatest pearl in the world, and there was no way I was going to trade it for another.

This pearl sums up my style pretty well.  It's quirky and a little odd.  I like classics like pearls but with a twist.  I didn't know until recently that the word "baroque" actually means "rough or imperfect pearl" while also meaning "elaborate."

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