My New Smokey Eye


I've already mentioned that I'm super impressed with the Bare Escentuals skin care.  If you've ever been in a Bare Escentuals boutique, you know that the eyeshadow selection is overwhelming.  A lot of the colors look really highly pigmented, and I'm not 22 anymore, so wearing baby blue eyeshadow is not something I can pull off (and it's not something I'm convinced anyone should be trying to pull off).  I've been assured that although the eyeshadows look highly pigmented, they actually provide a wash of color that you can use various techniques such as "foiling" to build different looks.  I always wear a smokey eye because I feel like my eyes disappear if I don't enhance them.  Which means I usually have a nude lip, but I'll save that for another day.  I decided to try a smokey eye using purples.

The colors actually come across really well in the photo.  When blended, they look like this:

I've been wearing this almost every day, and I'm still really happy with it.  The blending of the Bordeaux and Smokin Pistol doesn't really come across here, but with my lighter brown eyes, I really like it.

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