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Pink Cheeks

I'm just getting out of my Christmas food coma as we begin preparing for the New Year's weekend food marathon.  Husband and I went and cleaned out the Italian deli today.  We will be busy making envigulati, sfogliatelle, cannoli, gnocci and lots of prosciutto, provolone and capicola sandwiches for the 1st and the 2nd, but we will be stuffing ourselves with Mexican food at El Cholo tomorrow night.  I see lots of outfits like this in my future.

Caridgan and Tights: H&M; Belt: Calvin Klein; Boots: Unknown; Sunglasses: Maui Jim; Necklace and Bracelet: Unknown; Blush: Chanel Rose Petale


IFB Links a la Mode

I'm so honored to be one of IFB's Links a la Mode this week.  Please visit all the other links as well.  We are starting to prepare for New Year's already with big plans for lots of Italian food and staying in the house from Friday until Monday.  We will be land-locked by the Rose Parade.  Wish us luck!

Holiday Leftovers

Edited by Taylor Davies

I think you better just conk me upside the head with a Christmas tree, this holiday season has done a doozie on me! I've gone into total vacation mode, away from New York City, away from the office and deep into the mountains of Idaho. As far away as I am physically, I can't escape our blogging community! (Not that I would want to, mind you.) I'm constantly reading, checking in, and scanning twitter to make sure I don't miss anything good. I'm so impressed with all of our community members who are balancing their family holiday time with keeping their blogs up to date and sharing their posts on the Links a la Mode board. Here's a sampling of the festive, fun and creative posts from this week.


Party Dresses at Shopbop: Tucker Dresses, 10 Crosby, BE & D, Three Dots, James Perse, Peter Som, Elleryland, Alberta Ferretti, Michelle Mason, Just Cavalli, Marchesa, Casual & Sweater Dresses.

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Flowers for Christmas

Up until a week before Christmas, I thought the husband and I were going to be alone on Christmas Eve. Gradually, we got up to three kids home that day which meant I got to cook, and we got to eat.  This is my Christmas Eve outfit.  It reminds me of the mom in a 50's sitcom (except for the shoes), but I'm not wearing pearls.  It was a lovely day, and we even drove around looking at Christmas lights that night.

Dress worn as a skirt: H&M; Sweater: Max Studio; Cardigan: Neiman Marcus; Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet: Unknown; Belt: Mulberry; Bag: Vintage Gabbrielli Train Case; Shoes: Sole Society


Should or Would

Pictures came out again this week of 40-something Stephanie Seymour at the beach in a bikini.  I was just positive that there were going to be negative comments everywhere.  Mind you, I haven't read anything written in the comments section by readers which could contain negatives; I've only read the originally published comments, and I have to tell you, I'm shockingly pleased.  Seymour is not one of those people whose body looks exactly like it did when she was modeling.  She's had four kids after all, but she looks great.  If you compare this year's pictures to last years, you can tell that she's lost weight.  She has been quoted as saying that she knew she was heavier than she wanted to be last year, and she's worked hard to lose 10 pounds.  Even with those 10 pounds, she was out on the beach in a bikini with her kids last year.  Looking at the pictures, I realized that her body last year is really similar to my body this year, and she still hit the beach.  Instead of waiting for the press to hint that she shouldn't be wearing a bikini or to print close ups of her thighs, which I haven't seen anyone do so far, I started thinking to myself, "I wouldn't wear a bikini.  EVER."  I'm really happy and proud that Seymour feels confident enough and even did so when she was heavier, but the truth is, I wouldn't personally do it.  My husband likes to point out to me that there are women who are heavier than me who do it, and I'm proud of them too, but I just won't do it.  I want to be clear though, it doesn't have anything to do with my age.  The last time I was even in a bathing suit in public was slipping into a hot tub under cover of darkness.  Prior to that was at least 6 years and 25 pounds ago.  Would I rule it out, never say never I guess.

Gucci via Bluefly

So would you wear it?  Or do you already?  



The husband and I took advantage of a Sunday morning on our own to go to The Raymond for brunch.  We had actually been to the bar at The Raymond, 1886, the night before for a few drinks and appetizers, and decided to have brunch the next morning.  The Raymond is actually all that remains of the old Raymond Hotel which was built in 1886 (hence the name of the current bar), rebuilt in 1901 after a fire, and torn down in 1934.  The restaurant is housed in the caretaker's cottage, and although it's tiny, they are incredible food and drinks.  It's much too dark to take pictures in the bar at night, but my favorite drinks are the Pims Cups and the Dark and Stormy, and my favorite item on the bar menu is the pork belly.  For brunch, we both had The Raymond Scramble which is perfectly cooked scrambled eggs served on a slice of butter sourdough and topped with tomatoes, lemony hollandaise and crumbled bacon.  They also serve really great coffee which is usually the deciding factor in whether we will return somewhere for breakfast.

The original hotel via Wikipedia 

The rebuilt hotel via Wikipedia

 1886 is through the door on the left



Today was the first day of holiday with no thoughts to diets or moderation.  While husband was enduring three layovers on his cross-country flight home from Michigan (or what we are now affectionately calling drinking his way across America), the boys and I watched A Christmas Story and ate white pizza, brownies and nutmeg ice cream from Carmela.  I'm having a wonderful holiday already, and I even worked today!

Blouse: Ann Taylor; Cardigan: Eileen Fisher; Jeans: Nine West; Shoes: Richard Tyler; Sunaglasses: Maui Jim; Cashmere Scarf: Unknown; Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane; Earrings & Bracelet: Unknown; Bag: Vintage Gabbrielli Train Case



Oh how I love the DKNY Cozy.  I could wear one everyday.  This is my favorite way to wrap it.  I always find it very flattering and forgiving without adding extra bulk.  The perfect thing to wear out to sushi and a movie with the kids.

Sweater: DKNY; Shirt: Unknow; Jeans: SJP Bitten; Boots: Matt Bernson (C/O Piperlime); Clutch: ShoeDazzle; Sunglasses: Maui Jim; Bracelet: 50s Vintage purchased somewhere in the world by my dad when he was in the Navy


Just Not Right

I saw a picture of this hair accessory before I bought it from Ulta.  When I saw it in the store, I thought, "Whoa, that is way too big," but I talked myself into it.  Now I've tried it several different ways, and I just can't make it work, but sometimes I'm my own worst critic.  What do you think?



I've been reminded in the last few days that when you leave for work, you expect to come home.  Sometimes it doesn't happen that way though.  Make sure everyone you love knows you love them.

Dress: Nicole Miller; Coat: Calvin Klein; Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet: Unknown; Lipstick: Chanel Ballet Russe



I've been doing smokey eyes and nude lips for so long now that when I changed to a lighter eye, I forgot to go darker on my lips.  I forgot until I was looking at pictures one day and realized that my face was just a white blob.  Time to change that!

 Lips: YSL 68 Venetian Rose; Blouse: Free People; Necklace: Joan Rivers; Earrings and Bracelet: Unknown


The Winter Home

We recently decided to become members of the Huntington Library, and a few weeks ago, the girls, the husband and I decided to go for the afternoon when we were having unseasonably warm November weather.  With the mild weather, this was actually our third visit in two weeks, but the property is so large, we visited a different section each time.  This time we focused on the Art Gallery which is housed in the Huntington's former residence on the property.  When you look at this huge mansion, it's unbelievable that a childless couple resided there on there own.  Huntington made his fortune primarily in railroads, and married his wife, Arabella (who was his aunt until his uncle died - ewwww), when he was 63 two years after the mansion was completed.  The gardens were originally over 600 acres, but are a mere (sarcasm) 120 acres today.

The fireplace in Huntington's office 

We have a print of this painting hanging over our fireplace.  Somehow it looks better in this sitting room. 

The dining room chandelier